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M-Pesa WHMCS Module is a module that automates M-Pesa payments for web hosting companies as well as any other business that use WHMCS.

This module makes it possible to automate provisioning as there is no need to verify whether a transaction took place or not; the module does this for you. There is a real-time communication between your WHMCS system and Safaricom’s M-Pesa systems that makes it easy to verify a transaction as soon as it occurs. The module has robust features that can take care of every aspect of business that needs to occur after payment is received and to take it a notch higher we have included a custom hooks file where you can write your code(in php) to be executed when a transaction hits your WHMCS system. These could be things like sending SMS, sending emails, creating accounts, etc.

Another hard to ignore aspect of business is the need to refund clients for various reasons and WHMCS system seems to have taken care of that. However, many payment gateways seems to lag behind on this aspect but not with our module. You get to approve a refund directly from your WHMCS admin dashboard. We have also made it possible to see your balance directly from your WHMCS admin dashboard and the total amount of cash flow, through this module. If your primary currency is not in Kenyan Shillings worry not, this has been taken care of by our able and smart developers and the module will handle it smoothly.

Features of the WHMCS M-Pesa Module

  • Real time processing of M-Pesa transactions
  • Displays M-Pesa transactions smoothly in a table, where you can search/filter transactions.
  • Display M-Pesa payment instructions to the client during checkout and provides an input box to verify transaction
  • Supports offline payment. In case you have a pay bill number, you can ask your client to input the invoice number as the account no. and the invoice will be serviced automatically and an email acknowledging receipt of payment sent to the client.
  • Support multiple payments to the same invoice. Let’s say the total invoice amount is Ksh 1,500, the client can pay 1,000 and the invoice will be serviced with 1,000, however it will not be marked as fully paid but when the client comes back to pay the same invoice, the amount to pay will be displayed as KShs 500.
  • In case the client overpays an invoice, the excess amount will be added to their credit.
  • The module fully supports refunds automated from admin dashboard.
  • You can view your paybill or store balance in your M-Pesa directly from admin dashboard.
  • This module offers a secondary means of verifying a transaction through the M-Pesa transaction API. This is applicable in cases where the IPN did not reach your server because of downtimes or somthing of that sort.
  • You can view the total amount sent through the module in the course of the month or since the time you started using it.
  • You can enter more than one M-Pesa transaction reference at ago, this is in case a client has split the amount to pay with different M-Pesa accounts.
  • Through the module you can easily add your own code(php) to automate other things like sending branded SMS, emails, creating accounts in WHMCS, creating accounts in WordPress and offering access to restricted content among many other functionalities. Your imagination is the limit.

Benefits of this module

  • One low price of $39 which is a once in a lifetime investment. No monthly commitments, no yearly payments, no nonsense. Just buy and relax.
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • Easy installation
  • 24/7 Support.

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